Foto Joep Jacobs

Story of Brabant

Vincent van Gogh & Hieronymus Bosch

Please note: this presentation is temporarily closed due to construction activities.

Den Bosch is the capital of the province Brabant. The history of Brabant is central to one of the largest galleries in the new building complex, behind the new exhibition wing.

A prominent staircase leads in a classical way from the large first floor gallery to this fine state of the art exhibition space, where an unforgettable experience awaits.

Exciting mix

An exciting mix of art, historic objects and modern media carries you along the highs and lows of past Brabant, from the flourishing cities at the time of Hieronymus Bosch to the rapidly industrializing countryside of the 19th century.

Van Gogh in The Story of Brabant

The new presentation of Van Gogh in The Story of Brabant in Het Noordbrabants Museum opens with original paintings by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890).

The Vincent van Gogh pavilion is part of The Story of Brabant that for the first time displays the rich artistic and cultural history of Brabant from the past six centuries so comprehensively using historical artefacts, works of art and audio-visual presentations. With this gallery the renovation of Het Noordbrabants Museum is complete. In the Van Gogh pavilion, devoted to the greatest artist Brabant has produced, an audio-visual projection featuring an overview of his French and Brabant work can also be seen.