Foto: Joep Jacobs

The story of Brabant

Guided tour

Discover all the important moments of Brabant’s history. This guided tour will start in the medieval duchy of Brabant. You will learn more about the 15th century with Jhernonimus Bosch. And later on the 16th and 17th century during the fight between the catholics and protestants, but also Spain between and Oranje Brabant. There is some progress in the 19th century with of course Vincent van Gogh: the artist who paints the peasant life of Brabant. In the 20th century you will get to know the industry of Brabant and his famous products and brands. Finally we will challenge you to predict the future of Brabant at the ‘Future Arena’.

  • Foto Joep Jacobs

Practical information

Group size max. 10 persons per tourguide
Duration 60 min.
Languages On request
Time Tuesday to Sunday between 11.15 a.m. and 3.30 p.m.
Reservation At least 2 weeks in advance via the button below
Costs per tour € 90