Chiharu Shiota, Uncertain Journey, 2016/2017, Courtesy the artist and Blain | Southern

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Exhibition programme 2017

Press release

Exhibition programme 2017

22 December

After an exceptionally successful 2016 in which, largely thanks to the exhibition, Jheronimus Bosch - Visions of genius (13th February to 8th May 2016), Het Noordbrabants Museum is estimated to have received a record of 510,000 visitors, the museum is now presenting a multifaceted programme for 2017. Highlights include the culturally historical
exhibition, The 80s, the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands of the widely praised Japanese artist, Chiharu Shiota, and a series of impressing photos inspired by Hieronymus Bosch taken by the internationally celebrated, fashion photographer, Tim Walker.

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Unearthed Conflict: The Archaeology of War

Image Wanda van Riet

A Forest Chair (original)


2007 Lacquered cherry wood and aluminium 90 x 45 x 50 cm Artists Collection Photo Frans Lossie

Madonna with Nails

Jacques Frenken

1968 Wood, iron, plaster 102.5 x 49 x 22 cm Artist Collection, ’s-Hertogenbosch Photo Peter Cox

Disco girl with boombox

The 80s

Photo Izabela Habur © gettyimages

Uncertain Journey

Chiharu Shiota

2016/2017 Red wool, 6 iron boats Overall dimensions variable Courtesy the artist and Blain | Southern

Peasant Woman Digging

Vincent van Gogh

1885 Oil on canvas 37.5 x 25.7 cm Collection Het Noordbrabants Museum Acquired with the support of the Vereniging Rembrandt (thanks in part to the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds)

Cierra Skye on Bosch hillock in Valentino cape

Tim Walker

2015 Pigment print on gesso coated linen 250 x 280 cm Copyright Tim Walker The Nicola Erni Collection, Switzerland

The donkey at school

Pieter van der Heyden naar Pieter Bruegel de Oude

557 Print 22.8 x 30.3 cm Collection Het Noordbrabants Museum, ’s-Hertogenbosch

Secession (1): Parting Ways

Robin Gerris

2015 Inkjettransfer, latex on wood 200 x 133 cm Artist Collection

Ocean Greatness

Pleunie Buyink

2015 Plastics and rubber, sapphires limber gem 160 x 105 cm Artist Collection

The Narrator's False Sound

Samuel Hortulanus

2016 Oil on canvas 100 x 80 cm Artist Collection