Jan van Eyck, Man met de blauwe kaproen, ca. 1430, Muzeul National Brukenthal

Bosch-themed summer exhibitions

3 March 2016

In the summer 2016, the manifestation year of Jheronimus Bosch 500, Het Noordbrabants Museum will be presenting two very different exhibitions inspired by the artist's legacy as part of the Bosch Grand Tour. Van Eyck, Brueghel & Jordaens – Masterpieces from Romania is an exhibition of an exceptional selection of Flemish and Dutch masters. These works have been in the city of Sibiu  for more than two hundred years, and so the majority are unknown to the public at large. The monumental mosaic panels by the contemporary Belgian artist, Jan Fabre, inspired by Bosch's visual language, will also be exhibited.

Jan Fabre: Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo

11th June to 18th Sept 2016

Between 2011 and 2013, the Belgian artist, Jan Fabre (1958, Antwerp), created a series of mosaic panels with the title Tribute to Hieronymus Bosch in Congo. The series was a part of his critical reflections about Belgian Congo's colonial past and depicts the cruelty and absurdity which the country underwent. Twenty-two panels from the series will be exhibited in the summer. Fabre will also be entering into a dialogue with the permanent collection in the museum and creating his own interpretation of The Garden of the Earthly Delights with elegant sculptures of birds in the Garden Gallery. The use of iridescent jewel beetle wing cases gives the art works a mysterious and magical quality.

Van Eyck, Brueghel & Jordaens – Masterpieces from Romania

18th June to 9th Oct 2016

Fifty outstanding works from the Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu, Romania, will be on show: Early Netherlandish paintings but also Dutch masters from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. The sizeable collection from this museum was assembled by Baron Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803), the governor or Sibiu and Transylvania. He was a prominent politician and member of the Viennese court who was very conscious of the social role of art and culture for society. He consequently offered his city a museum in which his collection of paintings, prints, antiques, coins, books and precious stones could be housed. The selection of art works on loan for the exhibition include Man with a Blue Chaperon by Jan van Eyck, Jacob Jordaens' The Summer and The Bird Trap by Pieter Brueghel de Jonge. There will also be works by Hans Memling, Albrecht Bouts and David Teniers but also works by Dutch masters such as Pontius Pilate washes his Hands by Leonaert Bramer and the Man in a Window with a Pipe by Frans van Mieris de Oude. The exhibition presents an excellent impression of this rich artistic period. Together with Bosch, these artists raised the art of painting in the Low Countries to the very highest level.

Bosch Grand Tour

Bosch will also be playing a lead role in Het Noordbrabants Museum in the autumn with the exhibition The Seven Deadly Sins: Gurt Swanenberg and Pieter Bruegel and The Return of the Elephant (in collaboration with the TextielMuseum Tilburg). For this last exhibition, Jan Fabre designed a contemporary version of the lost tapestry, The War Elephant, which was a woven version of a painting by Bosch. Both exhibitions are from 29th Oct 2016 to 29th Jan 2017. All of the exhibitions referred to are part of the Bosch Grand Tour in which seven prominent Brabantine museums present a contemporary exhibition programme related to Hieronymus Bosch. For more information: bosch500.nl/en/the-event/bosch-grand-tour. Follow the hashtag #bgrandtour. 

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