Chiharu Shiota, Uncertain Journey, 2016/2017, Courtesy the artist and Blain | Southern

Exhibition programme 2017

22 December 2016

After an exceptionally successful 2016 in which, largely thanks to the exhibition, Jheronimus Bosch - Visions of genius (13th February to 8th May 2016), Het Noordbrabants Museum is estimated to have received a record of 510,000 visitors, the museum is now presenting a multifaceted programme for 2017. Highlights include the culturally historical
exhibition, The 80s, the first solo exhibition in The Netherlands of the widely praised Japanese artist, Chiharu Shiota, and a series of impressing photos inspired by Hieronymus Bosch taken by the internationally celebrated, fashion photographer, Tim Walker.


Unearthed Conflict: The Archaeology of War

28th January to 14th May 2017

Interest in the archaeology of modern wars has been increasing amongst professionals and amateurs alike in recent years. In collaboration with Evert van Ginkel, archaeologist, and Arjen Bosman, specialist in military heritage of the twentieth century, Het Noordbrabants Museum is the first in the Netherlands to pay a great deal of attention to this exciting area. The museum visitor is introduced to war archaeology in an exhibition where objects alternate with multi-media applications and where the human story behind those objects, often dramatic, is central. The diversity is enormous: prehistoric skeletons, Roman slingshot, medieval artillery, guns from the Battle of Arnhem and also small, everyday objects from Napoleonic army and German concentration camps.

The Industrial Essence of Kranen/Gille

11th February to 14th May 2017

Space is being reserved in the museum in 2017 for the renowned designer duo Kranen/Gille. The exhibition is one of a series about Dutch Design from Brabant, ‘Made in Brabant’. The Industrial Essence of Kranen/Gille is an overview of their first ten years as partners in design in the city where they live and work. It is their first solo exhibition in a museum. A mix of prototypes, non-commissioned work and products for design labels illustrates the highlights and developments of the last ten years. It includes around 40 objects including a new, hitherto un-exhibited piece, a chandelier from the series, Plant. Kranen/Gille are themselves responsible for the design of the exhibition. The exhibition is part of the programme marking the Mondrian to Dutch Design year.

Recycling Jesus: Reusing Christian images in contemporary Dutch sculpture

18th February to 5th June 2017

In the exhibition, Recycling Jesus, Het Noordbrabants Museum will be bringing the work of diverse artists together who have transformed plaster objects of Roman Catholic devotion into works of art. Never before has there been an exhibition of this remarkable, Dutch phenomenon. Central to the exhibition is the oeuvre of the artist from 's-Hertogenbosch, Jacques Frenken, who was the first to put discarded icons to new use around 1965. Works from this pioneer will be shown, some of which have never or seldom been seen before. There will also be statues, assemblages and installations from, among others, Marc Bijl, Alexander Schabracq, Henk Visch and Moniek Westerman. About 40 works have been brought together from diverse Dutch collections to provide an overview of five decades of the appropriation of icons in Dutch sculpture.

The 80s: Doom-mongers and Optimists

3rd June to 15th October 2017

After a series of extremely popular, culturally historical exhibitions such as De Gruyter, Knus - gewoon de jaren ’50 (‘Snug - just the ’50s’), Wauw - de jaren zeventig (‘Wow - the seventies’) and Gezin XXL (‘Family XXL’), it’s now the turn of the 80s, an eventful decade in Dutch and world history. From the enthronement of Queen Beatrix to the fall of the Berlin Wall, via politics, music, film, sport, popular culture, leisure activities, technology and daily life, and from pessimism to optimism, with soundtracks from Madonna, Michael Jackson, Doe Maar and the Dolly Dots.

Chiharu Shiota: Between the Lines

24th June to 15th October 2017

In collaboration with Renschdael Art Foundation
Chiharu Shiota (Osaka, 1972), the sensation of the 2015 Venice Biennale, will be showing her fascinating, web-like sculptures in Het Noordbrabants Museum in the summer. Shiota is best known for her impressive installations and, in particular, The Key in the Hand (2015), with which she represented Japan at the 56th Biennale. The work stole the show from the very start: it was listed as one of the top five exhibitions by The Guardian and was on the cover of a photo-report by The New York Times. Her first solo exhibition in the Netherlands is taking place at a pivotal moment in her international career. Videos, objects, photos and installations from 1999 to 2017 will be shown.


Van Gogh Examined

24th June 2017 to 21st January 2018

In collaboration with The Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Van Gogh Museum

Between 1884 and 1888, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) regularly reused his canvasses. In order to gain more insight into what lies under the layers of paint, five paintings from Het Noordbrabants Museum’s permanent presentation will be subjected in the spring to examination by means of X-radiography, infrared photography, infrared reflectography and raking light photography. The exhibition Van Gogh Examined will present the results of this research.

Tim Walker: The Garden of Earthly Delights Bosch through the eyes of a fashion photographer

4th November 2017 to 25th February 2018

In the autumn of 2017, Het Noordbrabants Museum will be showing the complete series of 26 photos, The Garden of Earthly Delights, by the world famous fashion photographer, Tim Walker. The extremely impressive photos inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s (ca. 1450-1516) visual language were commissioned by The Nicola Erni Collection (Switzerland) and have never been shown in a museum before. Walker worked on the series for a year. The dark atmosphere is new for both the photographer and fashion photography, where beauty, health and glamour are normally the focus.

Paper treasures of the Provinciaal Fellowship

4th November 2017 to 4th February 2018

The Provincial Fellowship of Art and Science (Provinciaal Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen) was established in Noord Brabant in 1837 and in the first ten years, its members began to assemble an extremely diverse collection. This subsequently led to a library, a print room and a museum collection, which would later become Het Noordbrabants Museum. The collections were brought together in 1975 in the museum’s current building as the Fellowship Collection (Genootschapscollectie), owned since 1986 by the Province of Noord-Brabant, but it was later divided between two cities in the region, Tilburg and ’s‑Hertogenbosch, when the books and prints were moved to Tilburg University to become the Brabant Collection. In 2017, 180 years after the Provincial Fellowship was established, the best paper pieces from the Fellowship Collection will be shown together for one time only: beautiful drawings and prints by and after well-known Brabantine and Dutch artists like Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Bruegel, Rembrandt and Pieter Saenredam, but also topographical drawings, cards, invaluable manuscripts and incunabula, books, etc.



New, promising artists from Noord Brabant have the opportunity to show their work in Het Noordbrabants Museum in the Garden Gallery (de Tuingalerij) in a programme entitled ‘New from Brabant’.

Robin Gerris

To 25th February 2017

Robin Gerris (Bergen op Zoom, 1988) collects old photos. Chosen intuitively, he manipulates and destroys these photos by means of various computer programmes and subsequently transfers them to different supports like wood, plaster, linen. Gerris studied at the Fontys School of Fine Arts in Tilburg and he has been exhibiting at various places in the Netherlands since 2014.


Pleunie Buyink

4th March to 21st May 2017                                      

Pleunie Buyink (’s-Hertogenbosch, 1988) graduated in June 2014 from the Design Academy Eindhoven after previously studying to be a fashion designer at the Artemis Academy in Rotterdam. Her final project at the Design Academy, Limber Gems, arose out of her fascination for new materials and techniques. The material is made up of various layers and elements including rubber, allowing her to create sculptures in all sorts of sizes and colours.

Samuel Hortulanus

28th October 2017 to 7th January 2018 

Samuel Hortulanus (Venray, 1988) was one of the few painters to graduate from the AKV|St. Joost in Breda in 2014. His paintings give the viewer the feeling there’s something suspicious going on. There are often figures who can be discerned in recognisable poses but precisely what they are doing, and where they are, are not entirely clear. Themes such as hierarchy, oppression and ritual frequently recur in his work.