Jan Sluijters, Danseres, ca. 1907, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam 2018

Exhibitions 2019

7 November 2018

Centre stage for Brabant masters Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Jan Sluijters in 2019

Having developed their artistry in the region of Brabant, the artists Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Jan Sluijters are of special significance to Het Noordbrabants Museum. The artistic heritage of these three Brabant masters is a common thread running through the museum programme and presentation of the museum collection. In 2019, a number of exhibitions will spotlight the influence of the art of Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Jan Sluijters.

Jan Sluijters: The Wild Years

17th Nov 2018 to 7th Apr 2019

The exhibition Jan Sluijters: The Wild Years is the first exhibition to focus on the early work of Jan Sluijters (1881-1957). It illustrates how he evolved to become a leading modernist under the influence of national and international modern art. During this wild, experimental phase, he explored various modern art movements. The power of colour takes centre stage in these paintings. The work of Sluijters - who would later become known as the country's most prominent society painter - gave modern art in the Netherlands a huge boost. In addition to works by Sluijters, Het Noordbrabants Museum is also showing a number of pieces by inspirational figures and like-minded peers such as Kees van Dongen, Georges Braque and Leo Gestel. 

From Bosch's Stable: Hieronymus Bosch and The Adoration of the Magi

1st Dec 2018 to 10th Mar 2019

Following the phenomenal success of the Bosch exhibition in 2016, Het Noordbrabants Museum committed to regularly bringing the art of Hieronymus Bosch back to his home town, ’s Hertogenbosch. This December, the painting The Adoration of the Magi will be coming to Den Bosch from The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Through this painting by Bosch himself, the exhibition From Bosch's Stable demonstrates the master's influence on both his pupils and followers. The Bosch Research and Conservation Project II researched a number of early copies of Bosch's work. The findings have led to some surprising new insights.

Ali Banisadr: Foreign Lands

6th Apr to 25th Aug 2019

Paintings by Iranian artist Ali Banisadr (Tehran 1976) are awhirl with figures and colours. His bright pieces reference both Persian miniatures and late medieval paintings by Hieronymus Bosch, Venetian artists Paolo Veronese and Tintoretto, as well as abstract expressionism. The spring of 2019 will see Ali Banisadr's European début with a retrospective exhibition at Het Noordbrabants Museum. This is perfectly aligned with the museum's aspiration to surprise, with artists who are yet or seldom to be seen in the Netherlands. This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Renschdael Art Foundation.

The Smell of Succes: Gerard & Cornelis van Spaendonck, Painters of Flowers in Paris

26th Apr to 25th Aug 2019

Brabant brothers Gerard (Tilburg, 1746 – Paris, 1822) and Cornelis (Tilburg, 1756 – Paris, 1839) van Spaendonck learnt the painter's trade in Antwerp. From there, Gerard - followed later by his brother Cornelis - departed for Paris, where the two soon made careers painting flowers. Art historians have discovered that both artists held prominent positions within the Paris art scene around the year 1800. This recent revaluation has prompted Het Noordbrabants Museum to present their work in a wider historical context.

Van Gogh's Inner Circle: Friends, Family, Models

21st Sep 2019 to 12th Jan 2020

Vincent van Gogh was a passionate man. While his relationships were often strong and long-lasting, he was also capable of alienating himself from others with his outspoken character. Through a selection of paintings, drawings, letters and documents, Van Gogh's Inner Circle: Friends, Family, Models offers a broad perspective on the individuals who played an important role both in the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. This exhibition at Het Noordbrabants Museum breaks with the typical perception of the tormented, lonely artist.

Also on display at Het Noordbrabants Museum in 2019

Hostages of Sint-Michelsgestel, by Karel van Veen   From 24th Aug to 17th Nov 2019
Hans van Hoek. Painter, wood worker From 24th Aug to 17 Nov 2019

Under the banner Brabant's Budding (Brabantse Nieuwe), young, promising artists are given a stage at Het Noordbrabants Museum. This series is co-sponsored by Avans Hogeschool.

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