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Exhibitions Sept 2019 - Sept 2020

24 september 2019

Het Noordbrabants Museum exhibits the art, history and culture of the Brabant region. We also produce exhibitions with (inter)national appeal and regularly feature Brabant painters such as Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Jan Sluijters. An entirely new Van Gogh display will be on show from spring 2020. 

Van Gogh's Inner Circle: Friends, Family, Models 

21 Sept 2019 – 12 Jan 2020

Vincent van Gogh was a passionate man. While his relationships were aften strong and long-lasting, he was also capable of alienating himself from others with his outspoken character. Through a selection of paintings, drawings, letters and documents, Van Gogh's Inner Circle offers a broad perspective on the individuals who had a major influence on Vincent Van Gogh's life and work. Meet the man behind the artist.

L’Arlésienne (Madame Ginoux)

Vincent van Gogh

February 1890. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome. By permission of Ministero per I Beni e delle Attività Culturali

Karin Borghouts: Vincent was here

21 Sept 2019 – 12 jan 2020

After photographing a Van Gogh reproduction in her burnt-down parental home, Karin Borghouts became aware of her childhood recollections of this picture and its influence on her visual memory. Karin has retraced and photographed Van Gogh's journey numerous times: Zundert, the Borinage, Etten, Nuenen, Drenthe, London, Antwerp, Pa ris, Arles, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Auvers sur Oise ... Vincent was here.

De Collse watermolen

Karin Borghouts


Hans van Hoek: Kimono’s

21 Sept 2019 – 19 jan 2020

Hans van Hoek is a painter, watercolourist, ceramist and wood carver from Brabant. Characteristic of Van Hoek are the sculptural frames he creates for his paintings. Het Noordbrabants Museum is displaying a series of 11 kimono paintings in which Van Hoek paints the same kimono in a different way. This exhibition is sponsored by BorzoGallery.

There is no other God than Life itself

Hans van Hoek

(Osho) 2016, Het Noordbrabants Museum 's-Hertogenbosch, schenking Ton en Anne-Miek Nelissen-Hanssen

Shao Fan: Between Truth & Illusion

15 Feb – 14 Jun 2020

Chinese contemporary artist, Shao Fan (1964, Beijing) combines art and design with in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture. He is a master of the technique of classica! ink painting. His monumental works depict anima Is such as monkeys and hares. This represents Shao Fan's first solo exhibition, made possible with the support of the Renschdael Art Foundation and Galerie Urs Mei Ie Lucerne.


Shao Fan

2013. Private Collection, Switzerland. Courtesy: Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-Lucerne

Masterpieces from Vienna: Flemish and Dutch masters from the Picture Gallery and Print Room of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

8 Feb – 1 Jun 2020

Over 50 highlights from this impressive collection are coming to the Het Noordbrabants Museum. The exhibition will display pieces by Dutch and Flemish masters, including Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck and Jan Wee nix. This is the first time such a large part of the collection has been exhibited on Dutch soil.


Anthony van Dyck

1614. Gemäldegalerie van de Akademie in Wenen

Tatsuo Miyajima

4 Jul – 18 Okt 2020

Japanese artist, Tatsuo Miyajima {Tokyo, 1957) has had solo exhibitions in Sydney, Beijing and San Francisco, among others. He is known for his sculptures and installations constructed with LED counters and numbers. The numbers symbolise the unending journey of life. The guiding principles behind his art are: 'Keep Changing, Connect with Everything, Continue Forever.'

Five Opposite Circle

Tatsuo Miyajima

1992 (installation). Foto: MA Siliang. Courtesy Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

A History of Dutch Popular Culture in 100 Objects 

20 Jun – 27 Sept 2020

In collaboration with the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant and publisher, Thomas Rap, Het Noordbrabants Museum presents A History of Dutch Popular Culture in 100 Objects. Each object - selected by two journalists from the Volkskrant - has its own interesting story. Together, these stories produce a unique exhibition of cultural history.

Cassette tape

Lou Ottens (Philips)

1963. Photo: Annabel Miedema

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