Zhao Bandi, Portrait Uli Sigg, 2010, olieverf op doek, The Sigg Collection, Mauensee

Exhibitions 2018

23 February 2018

The Noordbrabants Museum will be treating its visitors to a varied exhibitions programme in 2018. Highlights include an extensive overview of modern Chinese art from the prestigious Sigg Collection, a retrospective of pioneering absurdist, Kamagurka, as well as the European début of Indian abstract artist, Manish Nai and a major exhibition on Jan Sluijters' experimental years.

  • Zhao Bandi, Portrait Uli Sigg, 2010, olieverf op doek, The Sigg Collection, Mauensee
  • Kamagurka, De grenzen der ernst, 2017, pen op papier, Kamagurka, Brugge
  • Manish Nai, Untitled, 2017, textiel en hout, Manish Nai, Mumbai
  • Jan Sluijters, Knotwilgen aan de slatuinen, ca. 1908, olieverf op doek, Het Noordbrabants Museum, ’s Hertogenbosch
  • Adriaen van Wesel, Luik van Mariaretabel van Tibur, 1475-1477, eikenhout, Museum Het Zwanenbroedershuis, ’s Hertogenbosch. Foto: Michiel Elsevier Stokmans


A Chinese Journey

The Sigg Collection

17 March - 8 July 2018

In the late 1980, Swiss businessman, diplomat and art collector, Uli Sigg (born 1946) established the first joint venture between China a western company. He then became Swiss ambassador to China, North Korea and Mongolia from 1995-1998. So to understand the country and its culture more closely, Uli Sigg sought out Chinese artists. After realising that there was no one who had systematically been collecting modern Chinese art, he decided to do so himself. The Sigg Collection now represents the best and largest collection of modern Chinese art dating from 1970 to the present day. Uli Sigg offered the Noordbrabants Museum the opportunity to make a vast selection, which occupies the museum's entire exhibition wing. A Chinese Journey illustrates the versatility of Chinese art production over the past fifteen years. The exhibition not only reveals a renewed interest on the part of the artists in Chinese traditions and spirituality, but also their reflections on modern-day China and its socio-political problems. The exhibition provides an exotic mix of paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and video installations. Pieces by 30 different artists, including Zhao Bandi, Feng Mengbo and Ai Weiwei are spread over five galleries. This will be the first time that such a vast selection from this world-famous collection has been on display in the Netherlands.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of the BankGiro Loterij.

Faith in friendship

700 years of Zwanenbroeders in Den Bosch

17 February - 3 June 2018

2018 will mark the 700th anniversary of the Den Bosch-based Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broedershap (Brotherhood of Our Lady). This is a special anniversary for a special fraternity, of which not only Hieronymus Bosch and William of Orange were members, but also numerous prominent Dutch figures, including members of the current royal family. In acknowledgement of this 700th birthday, the fraternity's rich history will be celebrated in an exhibition through archives, pieces of art and valuable objects from collections from various Dutch, Belgian and German museums, as well as from the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broedershap and associated fraternities. Items include star pieces such as two triptych panels dated 1475-1477 from the fraternity altarpiece from the Sint-Jan church by woodcarver Adriaen van Wesel, two recently discovered 15th-century paraments from the so-called Schlosser Ornat from the Dommuseum in Frankfurt and the simply stunning Jubilant Crown from the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-Lof Guild in Antwerp. These rare objects are displayed on a long table placed right through the palace galleries of the Noordbrabants Museum. The table is symbolic of a centuries-old tradition of the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap: fraternity meals. Even today, the brothers gather on an annual basis for a meal at their very own Zwanenbroedershuis in the centre of Den Bosch.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap.



Beyond the borders of earnestness

28 July - 28 October 2018

There are simply no taboos in the world of versatile Belgian artist, Kamagurka - pseudonym of Luc Zeebroek (born Nieuwpoort, 1956). For over half a century, he has been entertaining his audience with cartoons, drawings, paintings, musical and theatre performances. His cartoons are published daily in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and the Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. This retrospective exhibition, spanning two of the Noordbrabants Museum galleries, offers a complete overview of Kamagurka's absurdist and often intentionally shocking body of work. From his very first diary drawings to recent comics with anti-heroes Bert and Bobje and Cowboy Henk (who he created with his colleague Herr Seele). In typical Kamagurka style, he leads visitors by means of an audio tour through the - to many unfamiliar - Kamagurkistan: a country that stretches beyond the bounds of earnestness. NB: bring your passport.

Manish Nai

Capturing Time

28 July - 04 November 2018

Following Japan's Chiharu Shiota, Northern Ireland's Claire Morgan and Scotland's Georgia Russell, the Noordbrabants Museum is introducing yet another international rising star to the Netherlands in Indian artist, Manish Nai (born Gujarat, 1980). After exhibitions in his homeland India, France and Switzerland received much attention, Manish Nai: Capturing Time will be the artist's first solo museum exhibition in the Netherlands. Working out of Mumbai, Nai is one of the few contemporary artists in India to consistently work in an abstract style. As the son of a clothing textile merchant, he is inspired by the vivid colours and materiality of the fabrics. Cotton, jute, canvas, newspaper and thread are scratched, folded and pressed into geometrical shapes, designs or panel pieces. Nai transforms the shabby, lived-in and character-filled materials into neat constructions. There are twelve pieces on show at the exhibition, including an eye-catching and immense installation created from enormous balls of cotton.

This exhibition is made possible with the support of the Renschdael Art Foundation.


Jan Sluijters

The wild years

17 November 2018 - 7 April 2019

Alongside Hieronymus Bosch and Vincent van Gogh, the Den Bosch born-and-bread Jan Sluijters (1881-1957) is one of the three Brabant-born artists the Noordbrabants Museum regularly celebrates. The major autumn exhibition Jan Sluijters. The wild years shows how, early on in his career, on two separate occasions, the young artist spends a number of months in Paris, where he comes into contact with the avant-garde art of the epoch: the work of the ‘fauves’ (the wild beasts), cubism and luminism. For approximately 15 years, he experiments intensively with almost all of the new art movements he came across in Paris, which would prove of crucial importance to his artistry. The exhibition displays work by Jan Sluijters alongside that of the avant-gardeists who inspired him in Paris, such as Kees van Dongen, Henri Matisse and Georges Braque, plus that of Dutch modernists such as Piet Mondriaan and Leo Gestel, whose work he in turn influenced. In addition to paintings, drawings, signed postcards and photos will also be on show, together with critical reviews from the time that weren't always complimentary of his work. The exhibition offers a picture of Jan Sluijters' wild years; years during which he grew to become one of the founders of new Dutch painting, and which proved formative for his entire career as a painter.

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