Support the museum

Het Noordbrabants Museum continually seeks to position itself as one of the most important Dutch museums outside of the Randstad. In order to achieve this goal, we want to strengthen our collection by adding more masterpieces. Recent purchases of works by Vincent van Gogh were made possible in part through contributions from funds, businesses, private individuals and inheritances.

We also create exhibits with (inter)national appeal and regularly feature Brabantse painters such as Hieronymus Bosch, Vincent van Gogh and Jan Sluijters.

Your museum

We are grateful to be able to realise these plans thanks to years of support from a range of enthusiastic and committed stakeholders. Through Het Noordbrabants Museum Fund, we are pooling together the contributions from our corporate partners and private sponsors with donations, bequests and inheritances. A contribution to our fund means that our museum becomes your museum, too!

100% of the money goes toward our ambitions

Every cent in Het Noordbrabants Museum Fund will benefit our ambitions. We will use the money to purchase new artwork, pay for restorations, and finance prestigious exhibits or special research projects. Operation and overhead costs will not be financed through the fund.

What suits you

It is important to us to make it possible for you to contribute in a way that suits you. It is worth knowing that every donation to Het Noordbrabants Museum is tax deductible due to its ANBI status. Het Noordbrabants Museum is not required to pay any gift or inheritance tax. Het Noordbrabants Museum is a cultural institution, which means that due to charitable giving law, any contributions confer an extra tax advantage.

Want to learn more or set up a meeting?

If you are curious to find out more or would like to exchange thoughts on the fund, please get in touch with our development department.

Erna Baeten, head of development
T +31 (0)73-6877 803

Maaike van de Wiel, relationship manager
T +31 (0)73-6877 817