Always on show

Palace Garden

Artworks among the greenery

Our palace garden is also a work of art! This green oasis was created at the start of the 19th century and is home to a huge red beech. In fact, the new wings of the museum complex were deliberately built around the tree! A unique collection of sculptures can also be found in the garden. Take a stroll outside during your visit; you'll be glad you did!

Motley crew

A cow, a pig, and a chicken. For this sculptural group, commissioned by the museum, Guido Geelen (1961) took inspiration from a 19th-century Brabant agrarian scene. He modelled the animal sculptures in wax before casting them in aluminium. The sculptor left the casting channels visible on the trio, so that they form part of the design - a quirky and original touch!

Local sculpture

Within touching distance of the museum restaurant terrace is the bronze sculpture by 's-Hertogenbosch sculptor Jean-Antoine van der Ven (1799-1866). The sculpture is regarded as Van der Ven's masterpiece and earned him high praise in his day. The sculpture that stands here isn't the original, but a cast made in 1985 from the plaster model Eve and the snake. Fun fact: King William II owned a marble copy.

Art while you eat

There's no better place than the museum restaurant's terrace to sit and enjoy the sculptures and red beech at your leisure. The enchanting palace garden is one of the best kept secrets in 's-Hertogenbosch's city centre. Our museum restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm. Order something tasty and soak up the atmosphere! 

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