JCJ Vanderheyden

Deling ultramijn

Paintings, graphics, texts, installations and photo and video art; JCJ Vanderheyden ('s-Hertogenbosch 1928 – 2012) can rightly be described as an all-rounder, so impressive and diverse is the Brabant artist's work.

Vanderheyden was fascinated by phenomena such as time, light, and space, which feature heavily in his work. His abstract imagery and areas of contrasting colour, sometimes vertical, but more often horizontal, really speak to the viewer. Horizons are also a recurring theme of Vanderheyden's canvases, Deling Ultramarijn being a prime example.

In the clouds

Since blue creates depth, the eye sees the division between blue and white as a horizon - hence the title of this work. The bottom section is as white as a bank of clouds or endless expanse of snow. The horizon is ever so slightly tilted, making it seem as if you are peering out of a window in an aeroplane. Vanderheyden had this realization the first time he sat in an aeroplane, by which time he had already done his paintings. Later, this aircraft window motif is frequently incorporated in his photography.

Practical information

Deling ultramarijn
Artist JCJ Vanderheyden
Date 1984
Material Canvas, tempera
Size 190 x 170 cm

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