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Thomas Trum

One Purple Line 06

Attention: the work of Thomas Trum is currently not on show, because of the exhibition Thomas Trum: Daily Spins.

Colourful, experimental and colossal: there's no ignoring the work of Thomas Trum (Rosmalen, 1989). One Purple Line 06, made in 2019, is no exception. Get to know the artist!

Trum works at the interface between art and design, creating abstract art. His work is always about investigation: into materials, techniques, and composition. In his studio in Den Bosch, Trum uses homemade materials such as giant felt-tip pens, brushes attached to a drill, and a machine that is normally used to mark lines on roads.

Peter perfect

Colour is another hallmark of Trum's work. The reason for this is simple: for him, colour is an important part of life. As well as giving his work character, the monochrome colours that Trum uses really bring out the lines, and that is what makes his work so instantly recognizable. The seemingly simple canvases have been created with mind-boggling precision and concentration.

Trial and error

Nonetheless, the end result is often a surprise, even for the artist. His working method is energetic, and involves a fair amount of trial and error. Trum does not have a fully formed idea of the result beforehand, allowing his enthusiasm and speed to largely determine the work of art. The result: spectacular pieces on which the evidence of the creative process is still apparent. This is a hangover from Trum's time on the graffiti scene, where he first became fascinated with leaving visible traces of the work that went into the final piece.

Practical information

One Purple Line 06
Artist Thomas Trum
Date 2019
Material Canvas, acrylic paint, aluminium
Size 250 x 190 cm
Creditline Homage to Paul and Huguette, 11 October 2019

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