Mark Manders

Unfired Clay Torso

As an artist, Mark Manders (Volkel, 1968) is always evolving. Because of this, his oeuvre cannot be pinned down, which is the very thing that makes it so intriguing. Take this sculpture.

For Manders, each piece is a 'self-portrait as a building': an imaginary house in which the artist brings together his dreams, thoughts, and memories. It's a bit like an encyclopaedia: in principle, it is always finished, yet at the same time it keeps on growing and changing. Each of Manders' works is an object in itself, while also functioning as a part of a bigger whole, namely his personal perceptions and interpretations of the world.

Appearances are deceiving

The sculptures of internationally renowned Manders often have a stoic air to them, and are reminiscent of the figures in Roman and Greek statues. Says the artist of his sculptures: "All of my work gives the impression of having just been finished, abandoned by the maker." Appearances are deceiving! This is also true of Manders' use of materials. What looks like soft clay is in reality painted epoxy or bronze, as is the case in Unfired Clay Torso. A human figure in bronze, finished to resemble a ceramic object. Wow!

Practical information

Unfired Clay Torso
Artist Mark Manders
Date 2014
Material Bronze, paint, wood
Size 123 x 50 x 53 cm
Creditline Purchased with the support of the VriendenLoterij

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