Past exhibition
4 March to 21 May 2023

Thomas Trum

Daily Spins

Thomas Trum (Rosmalen, 1989) often creates his works on a large scale and uses unconventional tools such as giant homemade felt-tip pens and parts of agricultural machinery. His work is experimental and rhythmic. Trum uses the museum's halls as a canvas, applying paint directly to the wall and floor with a custom-built paint sprayer.


Trum always explores the abstract. Research into materials, techniques, and composition are at the heart of his work. He is particularly fascinated by the idea of leaving behind traces of his creation; a hangover from his time on the graffiti scene. He is also intrigued by large vehicles, such as agricultural machinery, which also leave behind traces of a rhythmic pattern; just think of the tracks made by a plough in a field, for example, or those left behind by a snow plough. By experimenting with these machines, Trum is continually discovering new ways to create images.

Photo Nel Trum
Photo Jan-Kees Steenman


Trum continues to experiment and innovate, finding new ways to make art. For this exhibition, he developed a new paint sprayer that allows him to apply multiple strips of paint simultaneously in a large space, incorporating parts of the museum’s halls into his works of art. Drips of paint and other traces of the creation process are not hidden, but rather become part of the work. The painting he has created on the floor of one of the halls is his largest work to date.

Photo Jan-Kees Steenman
Photo Jan-Kees Steenman
Photo Jan-Kees Steenman
Photo Jan-Kees Steenman

Daily Spins

The title Daily Spins refers to Trum's daily routine in his studio in Den Bosch, where he experiments with colours, materials, and shapes. Trum surprises the visitor with the addition of music, which is also a reference to his day-to-day life in the studio; he always works to the rhythm of music. In collaboration with sound artist Emiel van den Dungen (stage name Milio) ('s-Hertogenbosch, 1994), the sounds from his studio are combined with rhythmic loops and ambient music to create a soundscape that connects to the rhythmicity in his work.

The paint sprayer developed especially for this exhibition
Work-in-progress in Thomas Trum's studio, with the paint sprayer developed especially for the exhibition

About the artist

In 2018, Thomas Trum created a temporary mural in the museum's Garden Gallery as 'Brabantse Nieuwe', an initiative to support emerging, promising artists from Noord-Brabant. After the presentation, two canvases were purchased and have been regularly exhibited at the museum in recent years.

His work can also be found in many national and international collections. He recently exhibited in the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar and in leading galleries in New York and Berlin.

Foto door Saskia Koning
Want to read more?

To coincide with the exhibition, a publication of the same name, Daily Spins, will also be released. The book is available from the online bookstore and the museum shop. It also makes a great gift! It includes an essay written by curator Charlotte Hoitsma, which will soon be available to read online via this page.

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