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Van Goghs Gordina

Help to keep Gordina home in Brabant

Van Gogh's Gordina is a little bit of all of us. Her look provides a wonderful glimpse into the history of Brabant, full of diligent labor and perseverance. We have the unique opportunity to buy the painting. And to keep "ons Sien" in Brabant, we need your help! It is now up to all of us to seize the last chance. Will you help?

Financial information

Stichting Het Noordbrabants Museum
Bankaccount: NL22RABO 0162544014

About the painting

Vincent van Gogh painted Head of a Woman in March-April 1885. He was practicing painting to eventually create an intricate composition such as The Potato-Eaters. That work is considered the absolute highlight of Van Gogh's Brabant period, before he left for Paris.

Helewise Berger, curator of 19th- and 20th-century art at the museum: "Although Van Gogh painted in earth tones, there are many colors to be discovered. This makes the painting exceptional and attractive: a key piece in his oeuvre and thus in the collection of Het Noordbrabants Museum."

"This is the last chance to acquire this important heritage for Brabant before it disappears behind closed doors forever."

— Jacqueline Grandjean, director of Het Noordbrabants Museum

Who is Van Gogh's Gordina?

Gordina de Groot, better known as Sien, was a farmer's daughter from Nuenen. She is one of the five people at the table in the world-famous masterpiece The Potato-Eaters. Gordina was a model for Van Gogh often. They had a close relationship. When she turned out to be pregnant as an unmarried woman, Van Gogh was even unfairly seen as a future father. Of all the people who modeled for him, we know with certainty the name of only one: Gordina de Groot.

Its strong relationship to the masterpiece from his Brabant days makes it an important painting for the museum. Van Gogh managed to capture Gordina's expression well and intimately. Her worried look betrays the hard working-class life. Van Gogh captured Gordina effectively, in alternating broad and fine brushstrokes. Gordina therefore forms the face of Brabant peasant life and Van Gogh's Nuenen period.

Vincent van Gogh, Kop van een vrouw (Gordina de Groot), maart-april 1885. Particuliere collectie

How to participate?

Every donation, small or large, is incredibly welcome. The button below will take you to the donation page (in Dutch). You can also transfer money with the international information shared earlier on this page.

Donations of €100 or more, are called the Golden Potato Eaters. They will soon receive a digital certificate of contribution: this way you have contributed to the purchase of a real Van Gogh. Your name will also be mentioned for one day on the website of The North Brabant Museum, if you wish. Would you rather not? Please let us know via All Golden Potato Eaters will also receive an invitation to an exclusive after-hours event at the museum in the weekend of July 13 and 14. You will receive a separate email with more information.

We're looking forward to celebrate with all contributors on July 13 and 14, and 'Eat Potatoes with Gordina'. 

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Help us keep Gordina in Brabant. This is how Gordina becomes ours.

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