Guided tour

Highlights of Het Noordbrabants Museum

From Floral Still Lifes to Sculpture

Is this your first visit to Het Noordbrabants Museum? We're delighted to welcome you! This guided tour shows you all the must-see highlights. You will discover the museum from top to bottom: wander through our 18th-century palace rooms, marvel at Brabant masters such as Jan Sluijters and Vincent van Gogh, discover the famous floral still lifes of Tilburg's Van Spaendonck brothers, or delve into the contemporary work of Brabant's leading artists.

About the museum

You may not know that the museum building was once the home of Anton Günther von Holstein. He was governor of Brabant from 1733 until his death in 1744 and lived with his family in the old part of the museum. On this tour, we take you around our beautiful museum complex, both the old and the new section.

This includes the palace garden: a green oasis in the city centre, with its very own magnificent red beech. There's the State Chamber, with its impressive stained glass windows, sparkling chandeliers, and original wood ceiling. And we don't forget the artists, of course. Among others, you will encounter imitators of Jheronimus Bosch, the painters of the Brueghel family, Jan Sluijters, and Vincent van Gogh. There are also some of Brabant's leading contemporary artists, including Mark Manders, Jolanda van Gennip, JCJ Vanderheyden, and many more. See all the museum's highlights in the space of an hour!

What's on show?

✓ The Brabant masters Vincent Van Gogh and Jan Sluijters
✓ Emulators and imitators of Jheronimus Bosch
✓ The Brueghel dynasty: four generations of successful painters
✓ Floral still lifes by Tilburg's Van Spaendonck brothers
✓ Contemporary work by leading Brabant artists

Is there a work of art or an object you are particularly keen to see during the tour? Let us know on the booking form.

Practical information

Group size max. 15 people per tour guide
Duration 60 minutes
Start times Tuesday to Sunday between 11.15 AM and 15.30 PM
Languages Dutch, and other lanuages on request
Cost per tour € 95 (Dutch) en € 110 (other languages) (excluding entrance fees)
Bookings two weeks in advance, by clicking the button below


Due to the popularity of the exhibition Brueghel: The Family Reunion, we are currently experiencing a large number of requests. This means that the requested date or time for your guided tour might be occupied. The completion of the form is not a confirmation of your booking.

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