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The story of Brabant

A fascinating journey through time

Brabant is famous for its distinctive accent, hospitality, and artists such as Van Gogh and Sluijters. But it is also the land of Roman conquerors, prehistoric farmers, and the conflict between Catholics and Protestants. The Story of Brabant takes you on a journey through the past of this thrilling southern province. From a handful of hunter-gatherers who, thousands of years ago, tracked mammoths over icy plains, to the present-day Brabant, which is home to 2.5 million people.

About the presentation

Book a tour and travel with us through the key moments from Brabant's history. We kick off in the medieval Duchy of Brabant and travel via the 15th century of Jheronimus Bosch to the 16th and 17th centuries, when Brabant is riven by the conflict between Catholics and Protestants. In the 19th century, Brabant starts to flourish and, a century later, you encounter Brabant's industries, products, and companies. We end in modern times: the rebuilding of a diverse society.

How did people live in these various eras, through periods of prosperity and times of crisis? The presentation reveals what makes Brabant, Brabant, as well as all the outside influences. Present-day Brabant is densely populated, prosperous, and self-assured. But how did it get to this point? The tour guide will take you on a fascinating journey through Brabant in the past and present.

What's on show?

✓ Extinct species: the mammoth, woolly rhino, and aurochs
✓ An amber figurine of Bacchus from the Roman period
✓ The 16th-century masterpiece The cloth market of 's-Hertogenbosch
✓ One of the museum's most recent acquisitions: Portrait of Henry III of Nassau-Breda
✓ A tile frieze and bottle depicting The Battle of Leckerbeetje
✓ The DAF Daffodil from modern-day Brabant

Is there a work of art or an object you are particularly keen to see during the tour? Let us know on the booking form.

Practical information

Group size max. 15 people per tour guide
Duration 60 minutes
Start times Tuesday to Sunday between 11.15 AM and 15.30 PM
Languages Dutch, German, and other languages on request
Cost per tour € 95 (Dutch) and € 110 (other languages) (excluding entrance fees)
Bookings two weeks in advance, by clicking the button below


Due to the popularity of the exhibition Brueghel: The Family Reunion, we are currently experiencing a large number of requests. This means that the requested date or time for your guided tour might be occupied. The completion of the form is not a confirmation of your booking.

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